06 August 2012 @ 10:07 pm
drabble dump #1

challenged myself to make drabbles out of the randomly-picked prompts by a random generator. these drabbles are in no way associated with my previous or my upcoming fics, and will (probably) not be continued for a sequel or anything. enjoy!

sehun/zitao; catwalk
model au, mentions of their mama powers; pg-13 (754 words)
beneath the blitz and shimmering lights, zitao's the one who shines so bright. )

kris/luhan; social networking
trainee!au; g (648 words)
(and a little fluffy luhanxzitao if you squint closer tbh but ok)

"i'm going to kick yifan in the butt." )

minseok/kyungsoo; home away from home
for wayverly, i posted this before (1,028 words)
"we're such star-crossed lovers." )

05 August 2012 @ 01:33 am
xiusoo; home away from home

posted this early because [ profile] seafogs is just so naggy
this is a part of my drabble series. the rest of the drabbles will be posted soon.

minseok thinks that everything is fine as long as he has kyungsoo by his side. )